Powertex Workshops in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Bringing Powertex and Mixed Media to Bristol and South Goucestershire

Our Aim is to give you the skills and space to be the most creative person you can be.

About Us

What is Powertex?


Powertex fabric hardener and universal medium is an environmentally friendly water-based liquid sculpting medium. Powertex hardens absorbent materials such as fabric, paper, cardboard and leather and is easily combined with self-hardening clays, wood, glass and sand to make unique works of art, which are weather-proof once cured (takes approximately 3 weeks).

Powertex has undergone rigorous testing and holds the Approved Product (AP) Seal from the Art and Craft Material Institute confirming that it is Non-Toxic.

Bristol and Bath Craft Workshops


 Bristol & and Bath Craft Workshops are a range of craft courses, specialising in Stained Glass, run from a beautiful and accessible workshop space in Kingswood - halfway between Bristol and Bath.

To Find us, see the Bristol and Bath Craft Website -  https://www.bristolandbathcraftworkshops.com/contact 

About Emma Wharram


Emma Wharram has lived in Bristol and South Gloucestershire for nearly 20 years, she combines her love of creating with a passion for upcycling by creating art work with Powertex.

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